About Us

Bayan Center Philosophy

The nation is passing through a critical stage between moving from the stage of awakening to the stage of alertness and guidance, which requires paving the road, and to a bridge to cross to safety. The idea and philosophy of this project is to be a bridge linking those two phases, through the renaissance industry, the preparation of leaders, and community building.

Center orientations

1- Bayan Center considers itself a kitchen for advocacy centers and community institutions, and for formulating creative concepts by empowering preachers and the public as researchers and authors.

2- The Center attaches utmost importance to public and elitist participation in general to the consultation and awareness activities through all stages of research and discussion of results through institutional mechanisms stipulated in the internal regulations of the center, in order to achieve transparency, accountability, and responsiveness.

3- The Center directs most of its efforts and contributions towards the issues of diaspora communities to measure the pulse of the street and formulate its results.

Scope of the center

1- Ideas, research, and consultations

2- Holding courses and workshops

3- Holding conferences to present papers and discuss research results

Bayan Mission

Bayan Institute is a non-profit research and policy analysis organization based in Minnesota, registered in the United States of America. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research and studies that lead to new ideas, visions and in response to solving the educational, political, economic, climate change, and social problems facing society at the local, national, and global levels.


Bayan Vision

Bayan Institute aims to prepare ideas and crystallize visions for the sake of creating knowledge and enlightening public opinion in the era of intense international crises and conflicts, by holding conferences, forums, community duologue, workshops and providing accurate data and research based on knowledge network in cooperation with experts, and with governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Bayan Leaders

This organization is led by experts from the Somali community, who have sufficient experience and information about Education, Economic, Political, Religion Climate change, and Social affairs.

Center values and standards

Bayan Center is a non-profit social research organization that creates a positive knowledge environment, rooted in people and ideas, through making renaissance, preparing leaders, and building society.

Our Values and Standards

  • Independence
  • Methodology
  • Creativity
  • Influence
  • Transparency

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