“Bayan” reading club is a discussion club, in which a group of members with common interests meet periodically to discuss, summarize, and exchange the ideas hidden in a book they have read in advance.
The club combines the joy of company and the pleasure of reading.

Bayan “A Reading club project”

Vision of “Bayan” reading club:

    • Creating a society with a passion for reading, love for knowledge,
    • and an openness towards learning to achieve excellence
    • and awareness.
    • Contributing to a renaissance in awareness and reconstruction of
    • intellect through the "Bayan" Reading Club initiative.

The Bayan Club team to read:

    • Identifying the club official: responsible for implementing the plan and following up on the progress of work and activity within the club.
    • Determine the discussion preparation committee: responsible for identifying and summarizing books and preparing discussions between organizers and visitors.
    • Identify the members: similar in their interests, disciplined, and cooperative, they have a passion for self-development.
    • Determining the direction and plan of the club: determining the nature and quality of the books and the course of discussion that will take place around the ideas of the books that have been chosen.

The importance of reading:

    1. Reading is a way to invest time productively.
    2. Reading is a way to discover the unknown and expand the awareness.
    3. Reading is one of the most important activities that stimulate the activity of the human brain.
    4. Reading develops an individual’s capabilities for scientific and logical analysis and enhances communication capabilities.
    5. Reading develops thinking, self-expression, and leadership skills.
    6. Reading provides the individual with self-learning.
    7. Reading increases your knowledge and develops your cognitive abilities.
    8. Reading strengthens a person’s personality and strengthens his self-confidence.

Objectives of Bayan Reading Club:

    1. Working to spread science and culture throughout society, opening horizons of knowledge, and spreading goodness and virtue among them.
    2. Promote the culture of regular self-reading and continuous group reading.
    3. Promote the culture of reading and encourage those around us to read.
    4. Working on correcting intellectual concepts and expanding scientific capabilities and mental perceptions through discussion, feedbacks, and responses.
    5. Achieving scientific renaissance and intellectual awakening by reading intellectual books and drawing lessons and inspiring ideas.
    6. Activating the authoring movement, encouraging the acquisition of books, and building scientific libraries at home.

Regulations of “Bayan” Reading Club:

    1. Before the meeting, the appropriate book is chosen every week, invitations are sent, an agenda is set, and the roles are precisely defined.
    2. All club members contribute to the reading program in all its stages, starting with the nomination process, selecting, and summarizing books, and ending with contributing to dialogue and discussion.
    3. During the meeting, everyone is welcomed, then discussions and ideas are opened with time management control.
    4. After the meeting is completed, an evaluation of what has been done will be carried out, a review of the progress of the meeting, and proposals for development will be made.
    5. The Reading Club works by hosting the author of the book chosen for dialogue whenever possible.
    6. The club provides the full opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view with the selected book.
    7. The selected books are in Arabic, or what has been translated into Arabic.
    8. The club members will be divided into beginners and advanced to attract the youth group and encourage individuals to read.
    9. We choose “zoom” and social media as a platform to implement the “Bayan” Club program for remote reading, to facilitate communication, expand the dialogue circle, and spread the club’s product to a larger segment of the audience.
    10. Managing meetings effectively, and accurately determining the timing and duration of the program after consulting with members.
    11. The Center will allocate the prize of the month to the member who is most interactive and participating in the reading program and in discussions.

Areas of club activities

    1. Reading.
    2. Summarization.
    3. Dialogue and Discussions.
    4. Thinking and exchanging of ideas.

Forward-looking questions:

    1. Reading.
    2. Summarization.
    3. Dialogue and Discussions.
    4. Thinking and exchanging of ideas.

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