Climate Health

Taking the necessary steps to limit global temperature rise and put the world on a more sustainable path will require transformational leadership and a re-imagining of economies. The Brookings Initiative on Climate Research and Action (BICRA) brings together experts who are shaping workable solutions for local, national, and global leaders to meet the climate challenge and seize opportunities for climate-resilient growth around the world.

Pivoting from global climate laggard to leader: Kigali and American HFC policy

Imagine a climate policy scenario in which the United States in less than two years adopted comprehensive legislation with broad bipartisan support, produced a 69-to-27 Senate super-majority to formally enter a binding global regime, and prepared to lead international efforts to assure full implementation.

October 11 ,2022

Barry G. Rabe

Why climate policy scenarios are important, how to use them, and what has been learned

In an ideal world without uncertainty, policymakers should use a range of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the core policy should be to price carbon emissions at the level of the marginal cost of carbon emissions, or equal to the social cost of carbon emissions.

October 11 ,2022

Roshen Fernando, Weifeng Liu, and Warwick J. McKibbin

Not according to plan: Exploring gaps in city climate planning and the need for regional action

The growing threats from climate change leave the global population no choice: We must decarbonize human activity as soon as possible. That includes changing how we build, travel, generate power, and more to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

October 11 ,2022

Joseph W. Kane, Adie Tomer, Caroline George, and Jamal Russell Black

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